Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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Regsitry Tweaker - krishsolutions

Registry Tweaker allows you to set some of the internal options.


  Registry Tweaker can Enable/Disable Following features:
  • Display properties
  • Task manager
  • Control panel
  • Browser options
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Common USB Virus Remover

This is a very needed tool. It helps in emergency cases. Everyone should have this tool.It is a virus removal script against 30+ most common USB viruses.

You can use this tool when the following symptoms are observed
  • While formatting usb drives "Drive cannot be formatted" error observed.
  • The Folder Options are missing.
  • Slow shutdown.
  • Display properties are disabled.
  • Task manager is Disabled.
  • Control panel is disabled.
  • Browser options are missing.
  • Screensaver tab is missing in display properties.
  • When the Turn Off button is missing in start menu.
  • Hardware tab is missing in my computer properties.
  • Unable to open registry.
  • Run command missing in start menu.
  • My Computer properties are missing.
  • Add or remove programs is disabled
  • When the Search option doesn't works.
  • Problems while starting explorer.
  • My Documents properties are missing.
  • When CD doesn't burns.
  • Shared Documents are disabled.
  • Context menu disabled in My computer & Desktop.
  • Desktop icons are invisible.
  • File Menu is missing in My computer.
  • Task-bar is invisible.
  • Help & Support missing in start menu.
  • When Clock or Time is missing on the task-bar.
  • Recent Documents option missing in start menu.
  • Tray item icons are invisible or missing.
  • When you are unable to change Wallpaper.
  • Toolbars are missing on the task-bar.
  • Tray context menu is missing.

It removes the following viruses->>>>

e - TrojanGenBackdoor.Ciadoore - TrojanGen
Backdoor.CiadoorAdobeUpdate.exe - Backdoorworm.win32
Backdoor.GrayBirdTrojan Horseworm.Sasser
Trojan.Win32 ...Worm.Win32.YahosTrojan.Win32.SP..
Trojan.Win32.Gen - svchost.exeBackdoor IRCBot (SVCHOS.EXE)Trojan.Win32.Gen - winupdate.exe.exe
Worm.AutoTsifiriBackdoor.RipinipWinHDD fake security
Trojan.Win32.RamnitRogue Internet Security SuiteKinza
KhatraTrojan.True love

Supports only on windows xp.

How to Run
**Just Download the file and unzip it.
**open CommonUSBvirusRemover.vbs file.

File Size : 17.5 kb

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