Thursday, March 15, 2012

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How To Show Your Profile Picture In Facebook Chat

Yes, we can show facebook profile pic in facebook chat.
Just type your facebook username / profile number in the double Square brackets and close them.

 ie: [[your-profile-name/number]]

Example:- [[pratap.varma]] or [[100002857094896]]

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How to know your facebook profile address / number.

# 1. just click on your prifile pic.

# 2. Copy the profile address from the address bar.


# You can also show the profile pic of  facebook Groups and Pages by typing its profile number.

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  1. защо чата ми не е цветен

  2. [[Професор.Николай.Пеев]] or [[100003489631771]]

  3. To make Facebook chat more interesting,its an amazing addition on Facebook i must say.Acknowledged a lot from this post regarding how to attach own profile pic on your chart box.I am going to apply your simple instructions to enjoy this new addition.


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