Friday, October 19, 2012

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Get RS.50 Mobile Recharge For Every New Facebook Sign-Up

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Facebook has announced a Promo Offer to attract the people to join into their social networking platform.  They are offering Talk-time Promotion RS.50 Mobile Recharge as promotional offer to all the mobile users who Sign Up for their free account with a genuine new mobile number which is never registered or used on Facebook.

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How To Get This RS.50 Talk-time Promotion Offer.

  1. Go to ( Promo Link )
  2. Enter your phone number. ( It must be the new mobile number which is never used on facebook )
  3. Re check the mobile number you entered is genuine and correct.
  4. Enter your friend number as referrer.
  5. Press Next and fill-up the general form with your details. After the signup finished you will receive a SMS containing a verification code to your mobile. 
  6. Verify your mobile.
  7. After your account is successfully  registered Wait for the 3 days to get the free Rs.50 mobile recharge.
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That's it. Once you sign up and confirm your account, you will receive the talktime within 3 days. If you don't receive the talk-time within 3 days, you can contact at with your mobile number and the other details which you have filled.

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  2. Sir , I have created my account before 5 days and i still do not get any talktime .

    Sir, Can you tell me how to send a mail to either by gmail or yahoo or is there any other process of doing so ?
    Sir please tell me all the process and please mail me my email id is -


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  4. @Preetam Singh write your mobile number & email id to , they will contact you within in one day.

  5. Is this offer still open? Does it charge in any way?

  6. @Darryl Yes this offer is still open. But it is valid only to Indian. people

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  8. Now doing online recharge or talktime, is much more easy. We can now use debit, credit cards for doing recharges, and get special offers/deals online.

  9. Hi
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