Saturday, December 29, 2012

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2013 New Year Wallpapers To TechnicPage Blog Readers

Advance Happy  New Year to all of you. We all start the New Year with the new ideas, new decisions and new hopes. Let's Decorate our desktop with some best beautiful New Year Wallpapers. All the below wallpapers are designed by me.I had learned some Photoshop tips to make these wallpapers. I like the glassy effect wallpapers very much.
If any body expecting Photoshop tutorials by me.. Please let me know. Thank you... Enjoy the New year 2013.

2013 new year wallpaper in pink and yellow color

windows7 style 2013 wallpaper for the new year
Windows 7 Wallpaper

glassy effcect new year wallpaper for 2013 year.
Glossy Effect
silver color 2013 glassy new year 2013 wallpaper
Glossy Effect

simple and best 2013 wallpaper

simple latest 2013 wallpaper for the new year 2013
Simply beautiful wallpaper

Wish you all a happy and prosperous  New Year........

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  1. Happy New Year to the author. You have shared a lot of good material on the occasion of the New Year. Thanks for the blog. These are good work of Photoshop design and seems to be the part of my desktop. Very helpful design to decorate the PC.
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  2. Hi,

    Which tool did you use to create these? They are good actually.

  3. In this new year I am going to select some motivational quotes contained high-quality, beautiful,new year wallpaper for my desktop.Here is a good review of gorgeous desktop wallpaper that is made the searching of unique with fresh designs quite easier.


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