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How To Block Images On Firefox, Chrome, Opera And Internet Explorer

Now a days most of the people are browsing internet through mobiles. Recently all the mobile networks in India has hiked the charges for the GPRS and EDGE and  they are applying the speed limit after the certain data usage. And also the reduced the size of Data for the current plans. Under these circumstances using internet on mobile became very costly. So we have to save the bandwidth to save money.

While you are under the speed limit, Block / Disable the images to save the bandwidth and surf the internet faster.

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When Should I Disable the Images On Browser:

  1. If your Internet connection is slow.
  2. If you are connecting to internet via mobile. The speed of the internet will be slow (ie:128 kbps on Edge), so it will become fast if you don't want to load the images.
  3. To read the content contains dirty and adult content when the site contains valuable information.

How To Block / Disable Images in Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox. Go to Tools > Options > Content 
  2. Remove Tick for Load images automatically.
  3. By Using the Image Block addon from firefox addons.

 How To Block / Disable Images in Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome. Navigate to Menu by clicking Wrench icon at the top, right side of the screen.
  2. Go to Settings > Under The Hood 
  3. Under the Privacy Settings Open Content Settings.
  4. Under the Content Settings Scrolls up to the Images. Select radio button Don't Show Images. That's it.
  5. Using Manage Exceptions you can allow certain website to show images while you are disabled images.

How To Block / Disable Images in Opera:

  1. Open Opera. Go to menu by clicking on the opera logo at the left side, top of the screen.
  2. Go to Page Menu > Image Options.
  3. Select No Images option. That's it. Apply settings and close.

 How To Block / Disable Images in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools > Internet Explorer > Advanced Tab
  2. Scroll up to the Multimedia section. Uncheck the Show Pictures option and Apply the settings and Press Ok.
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