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What Are Bookmarklets And How To Use Them

A bookmarklet is unobtrusive script written in JavaScript and stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page.

Bookmarklets adds some extra facilities to websites like editing active website, to take friendly print, to shorten url's, highlighting text, Sharing pages to social networks, translating website / text to other languages, etc..
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  • Install bookmarklets easily just by dragging to bookmarks toolbar in your browser.
  • Delete them easily like removing a bookmark on your browser.
  • No need to update these bookmarklets like browser updates.
  • These are written in java language so they work on every browser.
These bookmarklets makes some works easier to us, for example look at the following Google translating bookmarklet. It translates text in any webpage to other language.

Bookmarklet Installation Instructions:

    Make sure the bookmarks toolbar is visible on your browser. If not enable the bookmarks toolbar. For installing a bookmaklet simply drag it your browser bookmarks toolbar. 
    Right Click On the bookmarklet button and Select Bookmark this link / Add to favourates. Bookmarklet will save in your bookmarks. 


    Bookmarks Toolbar Enable instructions for all browsers.

    Google Chrome: Go to Tools  select Always show bookmarks bar option. 
    Firefox: Go to View > Toolbars > select Bookmarks Toolbar.
    Internet Explorer: Right click on the Menubar. Enable Links.
    Opera: Go to View > Toolbars > Enable Personal Bar.
    Safari: Go to Menu > View > Show Bookmarks Toolbar. 

    How To Use Bookmarklet.

    1. Click on the  bookmarklet which you had installed on your toolbar. That's it. 
    2. It will run the bookmarklet script  on the active webpage you are browsing.

    Google Translating Bookmarklets:

    Google translating bookmarklets automatically detects the language and translates to preferred language.

    Some other Useful bookmarklets:

    Shorten Url - This shortens the lengthy url to small.

    Edit Website - This bookmarkelet allows you to edit active website. You can edit text, remove images etc.. Original website will be restored on refresh.

    Customize Print - This is a friendly print bookmarklet. It allows to customize font, text, color, style, css, images before you print.

    Download As PDF - Download any webpage as pdf without using any addons with this bookmark -( Firefox Only ). For other browsers Check Here.

    Social Bookmarking And Sharing:

    Facebook - Share links on facebook.

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    1. Great post. I'm working on a project over on iOS Bookmarklets where I teach people how to setup bookmarklets on their Apple devices like iPad and iPhone.

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